The Original Daylight Savings Time

As I was having my quiet time this morning, I was thinking about daylight savings time.  We have learned to manipulate our clocks to make ourselves think we are getting more time.  That made me think about the time The Lord really did make a day longer.  So, I went back and read Joshua 10:1-14. … Continue reading The Original Daylight Savings Time

Will SHE be there?? (asking for a friend)

We all know who “SHE” is.  I have been “SHE” before. You might have been someone’s “SHE”.  You even know the follow-up to the question “Will SHE be there?”  “Cause if SHE’s gonna be there, I probably won’t even go.” Years ago, after my beloved great grandmother had become too feeble and too rattled to … Continue reading Will SHE be there?? (asking for a friend)

Paul: Of Whom I am Chief

This past Sunday at church, I sang the Natalie Grant song, "Clean”. I heard it for the first time a couple of months ago, and then was blessed to hear Natalie sing it live at the Lifeway Abundance Conference in Memphis last month. That song has both haunted and encouraged me ever since... I've been thinking … Continue reading Paul: Of Whom I am Chief